Chalmers CTF is recruiting! New staff needed!

Hi all!

It is with great pleasure that I write this. We have survived. We started out with just an idea and now we are here, with a ever growing community of people interested in playing CTF's with us!

It have gone so well that now that most of the current Staff is graduating Chalmers CTF will still live on. But the last step to make that reality is new people taking over!

And this is where you come in!

Interested in Open Source, Software Craftmanship and Security?

Great! Then you will be happy to hear that we are going to apply to become an official student association under the student union. With that comes a lot of new oppertunites and potential to grow! Both for you and the group!

We will have a meeting on the 27th of April where Staff will present exactly what we have done during our time at the helm, where we would want to go in the future (including the upcoming events we have planned before summer), what support is given and what is to be expected of you if you take over. Then we also will have a open discussion! We are the sum of our parts so of course we want to hear from our memebers!

Even if you are not interested in joining in an official fashion we would love to hear from you! So drop by!

When: 27th of April, 17:00
Where: EA
What: Info-meeting for leading a brand new student association!

Facebookevent: https://www.facebook.com/events/240761556396412/

Sign up there to get Fika! (If you do not use Facebook, message @weckzen on Slack and you will get fika too)