Do you think CTF seems fun but never got around to it? Do you not know what a CTF even is? (Competitions in security). Then this event is for you! Together with Chalmers CTF team we will have a evening filled to the brim with all that have to do with CTFs!

You will have the chance to get help to set up OWASP JuiceShop, look at common tools used in different CTFs and how to continue on after this event with playing CTFs. And the main piece of the evening will be our very own CTF (built by Chalmers CTF and OWASP) with prizes on the line!

Thanks to our sponsor, KITS, there will be a bit bigger main prize but also food and refreshments during the evening! (This event will be alcohol-free!)

This is a event aimed towards beginners! We do not discourage people that have played before to attend but we will start from the very beginning and work our way up!

The event will be kept at Chalmers in a workshop-style. So bring your own laptop! Internet will be provided! Those that want to prepare can install and make sure Docker works on their machines (if interested in running the OWASP JuiceShop or similar locally on your machine)

When: 2017-12-07
Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Place: NC Building (Idéläran Chalmers Johanneberg, Rännvägen 8)

CTF Platform: https://owaspx.cctf.se/

Tickets will be released on 5/12 19:00, at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/owaspxchalmersctf-tickets-40961553108