Chalmers CTF

Chalmers CTF is an IT Security group based in Gothenburg, founded at Chalmers. Our aim is to create an information security community where security enthusiasts can improve their hacking skills in the field of Cyber Security. Together we play wargames, capture the flag and set up teams to attack each other's systems. Our ultimate goal is to create a solid CTF team that will compete in CTF competitions.

At Chalmers CTF you will not only be a part of a community of like minded hackers, you will learn important skills, connect with people and most of all have a great time! Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an expert, as long as you have the motivation and ambition Chalmers CTF will be great place to thrive.

You can find CTF writeups by ChalmersCTF here: https://github.com/ChalmersCTF