Meet the Staff

Here you will find a list of people who (tries to) organize ChalmersCTF.

Michael Dubell (founder)

Website: https://dubell.io

Twitter: @mjdubell

Michael does most of the system administration stuff so if anything breaks you know who (not) to call. This includes setting up servers and running this website.

Mikael Weckstén (founder)

Website: http://hackasverige.nu

Twitter: @wecksten

Weckstén is the guy with all the connections! If we need a place to crash when playing CTFs, Mikael can find a place for us! Works as a security consultant at KITS.

Noräs Salman (founder)

Website: https://www.nindoda.com/

Twitter: @norassalman

The go to guy for Android development and Mobile security. Loves to play CTFs for a living but unfortunatly he can't.

Marco Bresch (founder)

The exploit hunter, you can find him in the wires.